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Product Description

Reduces or completely stops stress-related behavior including: urine marking, vertical scratching, loss of appetite, reduced desire to play or interact and other stress-related behaviors. Helps comfort cats in stressful situations such as: being alone in the house, visitors to the home, new pet or family member, moving to a new home, visits to the veterinarian, adjusting to a new environment, multiple cat households. Feliway mimics a natural comforting facial pheromone produced by cats. Odorless and non-toxic. Does not affect humans or other pets. Includes plug in electrical diffuser and 48ml bottle of Feliway.

Active Ingredients
Feliway: Analogue of Feline Facial Pheromone
Directions for User
Each diffuser kit comes with a plug-in and one refill vial. Plug diffuser into an electrical socket in the room most used by the cat. One bottle lasts approximately four weeks and covers an area of approximately 500 to 650 square feet. Addtional refills are available as a separate purchase.
Special Precautions
Do not use this product with any other type of plug-in device. Do not place underneath or behind furniture. When plugged in do not touch with metal objects or wet hands. Follow all directions for use.